Learn photography in a unique retreat setting, with a hands on education experience from Courtney Slazinik & Trisha Hughes. Master how to tell your story as you connect with other women & explore how to embrace your distinct narrative.



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Hone your photography skills in a hands-on learning environment.


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Meet like-minded women in an intimate and friendly atmosphere.


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Learn how to tell a unique story through your individual lens.

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Immerse yourself in a relaxed retreat setting, where you can connect with other inspiring women while learning photography in an intimate, supportive atmosphere.

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Learn photography

in a supportive environment


During this four-day, three-night retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to learn photography in a hands-on environment with Courtney and Trisha.

You’ll dive deeper into manual mode, rules of photography and composition. Gain a greater understanding of your gear, lenses and editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic & stretch your skills with guided story-telling opportunities and a food photography styling session. With a balanced combination of education & photography lessons you’ll truly find benefit in a variety of different ways unique to you.

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Tell Your Story

through your photos


We want to help you tell your own unique story.

From the moment you join us, you’ll learn how to craft your story through your lens. Focus on the moments you don’t want to miss while capturing memories you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Perfect your photography skills while you wander with us. Interactive opportunities will provide moments for you to hone your storytelling skills while also experiencing new things each location has to offer.


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Be inspired

by a community of like-minded women.


Tap into your creative side and bloom with inspiration while connecting with women from all over the world. You’ll leave feeling refreshed & energized with a new group of friends who share your passion for photography. 

Our goal is to remind you of the beautiful community and connection that happens when you meet like-minded women in an open and welcoming setting.

We look forward to sharing this unique retreat experience with you. We may arrive as strangers but we will leave as friends who shared laughter, community and our love of photography.


Wander with us


Be the First to know!

If you want to be one of the first to know the details of upcoming retreats get on our VIP list. We can't wait to wander with you!

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Meet Trisha & Courtney

Nine years ago, on an island in Japan, Courtney and Trisha met on their way to a hotel laundry room and quickly became fast friends. While living in different parts of the country for the past few years they’ve spent countless hours on the phone talking life, raising kids, moving, photography, travel and business.

After years of running separate online photography websites and attending other in-person workshops, the two started dreaming of creating a female focused, intimate photography retreat setting of their own. In early 2018, We Wanderers Retreat was born.

Courtney and Trisha have spent most of their adult lives as wanderers. As military spouses and individuals, they’ve traveled the globe in search of beauty and inspiration, camera in hand. But it wasn’t until they started traveling together that they realized just how important this time was to them.

As busy, working women & mothers, the times they got to travel together provided a much needed respite from their daily lives. It was an opportunity to walk slower, take more pictures, laugh together & enjoy the company of someone who truly gets you. In these moments they realized just how fortunate they were to get to wander together & they knew they wanted to create something like this to serve other women. Together they have a combined total of 15 years photography experience and have so much they are ready to share with you.


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